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Cornhole guy helps people understand the game of Cornhole that is one of the classic outdoor family games. It can be enjoyed thoroughly by friends and family during picnics, barbeque parties, and during any other outdoor occasions.


When people are planning outdoor activities with their loved ones, they are often confused as to what to include ensuring everyone in the guest list enjoys their time. Cornhole guy provides a clear understanding of what to do to enjoy such outdoor activities by providing details about how to set up Cornhole board and how to play it.


Cornhole guy also mentions about the rules and regulations of this game, so that it remains competitive. The best part about the Cornhole game is that no matter how many people are coming to the outdoor party, everyone can participate in the game. It is a game that can be equally enjoyed by participants of all age groups.


For individuals who are looking to light up their weekend outdoors by having fun with their friends and family, playing Cornhole is a good idea. Starting from how big the Cornhole board should be to how to clean the Cornhole bag, every piece of detail can be found at the official site of Cornhole guy.


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Cornhole guy was started to educate the people about this traditional and historical game of Cornhole. The site aims to carry forward the legacy of this fun and entertaining game by enlightening people online about how to play this game, and its history.


Check out the website to know every detail you need to know about the Cornhole game.


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